Through high quality services, we enable our partners to reach excellent performance
Thanks to our managerial background and focus on performance, we support customers in bringing their developments and challenges into success. We are a business Advisors, located in Switzerland, serving the energy industry in Western Europe.


We mainly cover the following expertise

Enterprise Development

We help in the development of sustainable model, including market intelligence and analysis


We help in the development of sustainable model, including market intelligence and analysis

Technical evaluation

We drive shareholders and funds in evaluating new opportunities

Organization turnaround

We provide effective restructuring advice and project management leaership


We are passionate in what we do and driven by the following distinctive elements
  • Performance
  • Reliabity
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Confidentiality
Understanding the expectations and meeting the needs of our clients are the keys of out performance: our own success is the success of our clients



"Aperitivo con energia

This year, due to the Covid-19 Situation, we were forced to cancel our yearly event. We look forward to meet all of you next year in better and saver circumstancies


"Aperitivo con energia - Quale ruolo per le utilities del futuro? Modelli di business ed innovazione tecnologica nel campo dell’efficienza energetica” Presented and moderated by Stefano Colombo

Speakers: Fabrizio Noembrini (Direttore, Associazione TicinoEnergia), Cristian Pulitano (DG, Energy & Strategy Group, Politecnico di Milano), Andrea Prati (AD, AIL Lugano), Fabio Bocchiola (AD, Repower Italia), Giovanni Bartucci (VP Executive, Alperia Bartucci)


"Aperitivo con energia - The new frontiers of the Swiss and Italian Electricity Balancing Market” Presented and moderated by Stefano Colombo

Speakers: Luigi Michi (Head of Strategy and Development, TERNA SpA), Jörg Spicker (Senior Strategic Advisor, Swissgrid AG), Roberto Colicchio, (Gruppo Building Energy), Christoph Moser (Virtual Global Systems AG)


"Aperitivo con energia - Batterie e storage: la vera rivoluzione del sistema elettrico europeo” Presented and moderated by Stefano Colombo

Speakers: Matteo Codazzi (CEO CESI), Petr Novak (Head of the Electrochemical Energy Storage Section at the Paul Scherrer Institute) and Guido Cervigni (International Energy Specialist)


Focus of Stefano's presentation has been "La politica energetica italiana tra presente, passato e futuro"
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"Aperitivo con energia - Le sfide regolatorie per il settore elettrico in Svizzera" Presented and moderated by Stefano Colombo

Speakers: Antonio Taormina (Vice Chairman of the Federal Electricity Commission, ElCom) and Giuseppe Gatti (President of Energia Concorrente)



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